Would this be the culmination of everything that my artistic practice means?
Would the practice of love be my life purpose?
Is learning to love, after all, being alive?
These words here are the beginning of an artistic project that starts with the desire to learn what it is to love truly. And maybe this is a life project –– of a lifetime.
May 18, 2022

International Lab for Love Practices
ILLP, 2022-23

Love is not something we have, but it's essentially what we are.

After 30 online meetings, from Jun 2, 2022, to Feb 2, 2023, and one in-person retreat, the ILLP has been transformed into a synthesis and a derivative.

Synthesis (statement -precious lesson learned): 
Love is the condition of existence

Next act (derivative): 
Artist-Shelter + Solo/Group Sharing(s)

Special gratitude to Mark Engel and Tamera Bedford – ILLP’s beloved contributors.