Anatomy of the Jamaican Body Politics

por Xayvier Haughton
Jamaica, April 2021

O que faz o brasil, Brasil?

por Fiamma Viola e Melina Sarnaglia
Bologna, Janeiro 2021

O milagre das folhas

por Carin Dangot
Nova York, Dezembro 2020
I invited my friend Lu (Luciana Lederman), a rabbi, the first female rabbi in Brazil. She now lives here in NY. Reading and studying are her work and her passion.
I love Clarisse Lispector. I think she writes like an abstract painter. She finds hidden meanings, turns everything inside out, and does everything with the simplicity of someone who knows her stuff very well.
It was challenging to meet on the street, and we weren’t meeting anyone during the pandemic. However, afterward, we enjoyed it a lot, talked, and realized how much this is missing, especially when we have a proposal that encourages conversation, a smile, a learning experience. Carin