Time-site-específico participatory itinerante-educacional-arte-space focused on bilingual/translingual readings, writings, debates—furniture, art materials, food, plantas, eletrônicos devices, internet, variable dimensões.


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Do you want to translate this project and adapt it to your language?
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Escola Aqui (from Portuguese meaning “school here”) is an itinerant collaborative learning space created in 2019 by Carolina Paz. It hosts text-based workshops dedicated to collaborative study and discussion on subjects proposed by its facilitator and considered culturally relevant to its guests, thus providing the exchange between cultural and individual identities.

In-person or online, Escola Aqui learning experiences must be accessible and happening anywhere, regardless of academic environments. The context where it is activated is fundamental, and the use of the expression “Aqui” (here) is a way to emphasize this situational and fluid notion. Facilitators can be anyone who wants to apply and adapt the Escola Aqui model. The starting point of each session is the invitation to participants to attend the gathering.

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What makes brasil, Brazil, 2019-2020, is series of images, sounds and videos depicting altered texts whose primary content came from the book, entitled “O que faz o brasil, Brasil?” written by the Brazilian anthropologist Roberto DaMatta. These text fragments are shared in Brazilian Portuguese (original) and English (translated by the artist), both languages connected to the artist’s present bilingual context. This work’s production involves collaborators’ participation in interpreting and modifying Damatta’s excerpts using black ink pen over printed white plain paper. 

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embromation m or f (in variation) (uncountable)

  1. (Brazil, slang) the act of beating around the bush, especially while pretending to do something useful 

  2. (Brazil, slang, chiefly music) the act of improvising the use of another language, such as mimicking the lyrics of a song badly or using Portuguese-like words and syntax 

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